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10 Steps to become an exceptional Animator

This hub on “10 Steps to become a Great Animator” is a one stop-solution, filled with rich tips that if followed religiously is sure to make you a winner. It is often a question to many when they watch animated movies, whether a Disney Classic or today’s Toystory or Avatar, “how does one get to work for these movies? It looks like a dream job, working all day creating lovely things”…. Read Article →

Animation Techniques We Use to Create Our Animations

There are several techniques for creating animations of characters and other graphics. These methods can be combined or used individually depending on the desired result.Choosing a right animation technique for each situation allows us to work efficiently and achieve better results. In this article, I describe the ones we use to create our animations. 1. Puppet animation in After Effects This technique allows us to animate characters using the Puppet Pin tool… Read Article →